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Our Design.Build approach takes more than the guess work out of a major home renovation. The dated design-bid-build succession plan is just that - dated. This fragmented approach is neither time or cost conscious. At PEWTER™️, our Design and Build teams internalize every detail. We work alongside you - the homeowner - and our preferred partners to ensure that we get the job done to your immense pleasure, on time and to the likeness of the budget set forth.

Major Advantages of Design.Build:

  • Cost Effective
  • Project Workflow Improvement
  • One Point of Contact

Lifetime of a Project

Initial Consultation
This is a no obligation, free first consultation. We make introductions and take the time to understand your intended direction. Alternatively, we provide you with that direction. We then provide a general budget to ensure all parties are aligned.

Design Phase
We work together, with the support of our network, to develop a concrete set of plans that best illustrates your dream project. The Design team takes a retainer to move forward. The retainer is deducted from the construction contract.

Job Costing
We compile pricing for you that provides you with an exact cost for your dream project. If there are budgetary constraints that you would like to stay within, we cost engineer the project to suit your needs. Every project is priced with an allotment for contingency in the event of the unforeseen and-or if you decide on additions as the project progresses.

The permit package is submitted, approved and construction commences. We work above and beyond Ontario Building Code standards. The PEWTER™️ Warranty [see below] ensures we execute at the highest level of competency. Our work with the Property Brothers series, Forever Home is a further testament to this. Kindly ask about this level of specifications during your initial consultation.

Upon reaching 97% substantial completion of your project, we walk through the project with you to develop a list of items you would like to be addressed. These items are addressed and the project is taken to completion. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that every project comes with the PEWTER ™️ Warranty. Our team will service any issue - related to construction - if it arises, over the course of two years. Anything beyond that is considered on a case by case basis.